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Lighthouse Laundry, Laundries - Self Service, Federal Way, WA

Save TIME! Wash All your Laundry at Once!          NEW !   Pay with your Phone

Federal  Way, WA  Near USPO & Fred Meyer
 21st SW & Campus Dr..    (1905  SW  Campus Dr. 98023)


OPEN 7AM-8PM Everyday

except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Easter

Wash and dry 8 loads in only 90 min for  $12!

I like toploaders-why should I use a front loader?

Front loaders give much better washing action because the clothes are tumbled over and over so the soap and water are thoroughly mixed with the clothes.

The agitator action of the toploader is not nearly as effective in mixing the soap and water with the clothes. They get much cleaner in a front loader.

Also you save time drying because the spin action of the front loader is much faster than the toploader. More water is wrung out of the clothes so it takes them less time to dry.

All our big washers are hi-extract spin.

Location and Quick tour of Federal Way store

Serving Federal Way zips 98003, 98023, Milton 98354, Fife 98424,

Edgewood 98371, Auburn 98001, 98002, Des Moines 98198,

Kent 98030,98031,98032, Northeast Tacoma 98422


CLEAN, Well-lighted safe comfortable Stores!

Video-surveillance and security systems

LARGE Capacity WASHERS and Big Dryers for all your Laundry needs

Ideal for Comforters and Sleeping Bags!


Contact us

Lighthouse Laundry

1905 SW Campus Dr.

Federal Way, WA 98023


phone 253-874-9603

e-mail: patrick@lighthouselaundry.com

Store Hours

We are OPEN from: 7:00AM-8:00 PM Everyday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Easter and Independence Day

LAST WASH 6:30 pm please


Special Offers

Wash and dry your 

Comforter or Sleeping Bag

for $9

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